We love buildings and love taking photos, so here’s a collection of our two favourite things!



Swepped Valleys

A clay tile valley laid as a “swepped Valley” below is a close up showing the basic layout. Note the alternate courses of 6 cut tiles followed by 7 cut tiles.


Tilers top tip!

Ok, here is the problem… It’s a conservation job and as such there is no chance of using tile and a half on the verge. The overhang is about 2”or thereabouts and so the cut tile has almost no support from the batten and there is no under cloak as you are matching in with the original design. So take a look at this, by cutting the tiles as shown the problem fades away, the half tile is now resting on the batten and is far better supported…



Working with other trades is always nice and gives us the chance to learn new skills and understand crafts we wouldn’t normally encounter. Here are a few pics of a thatching project we were part of…



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Historic Joinery and Brickwork