Industry Award

We all enjoy a pat on the back, and a polite comment on a job well done. These moments, often shared with the client over a cup of tea, are part of the reward for our working endeavours.


Occasionally recognition goes beyond the boundaries of the client and builder and involves other industry professionals, with this in mind; imagine our absolute delight at having one of our projects not just being nominated but winning The Surrey Heritage Awards 2019.


The Surrey Heritage Awards are run by Surrey Historic Buildings Trust.


Nominations are received from property owners, architects, building contractors, conservationists and local authorities.


The Awards recognise “Best Practice” in historic building conservation in Surrey, and in particular for examples of projects that breathe new life into neglected buildings.


Our winning project was the restoration of a Grade 2 listed farm Granary that was in terrible condition. Works included almost the full spectrum of historic trades. We lifted the building from its almost collapsed state and repaired and re-fitted the oak structure using both traditional woodworking and metal brackets. Repaired loose brick panels in lime mortar and re tiled the roof, the cladding was replaced in oak and the inside was plastered in lime on split laths.


Surrey Historic Buildings Trust award winner


The success of projects like this are not down to the efforts of one person or organisation but are truly collaborative. Although we undertook the construction work ourselves, the end result is down to the entire team including the local conservation officer, Surrey Historic Buildings Trust, and most important of all, the client, for without their enthusiasm and commitment this neglected building would almost certainly be lost.


It’s a pleasure to write this short article and we are very proud to share in the success of this project, to read further on the Granary restoration, the other award nominees and to find out more about Surrey Historic Buildings Trust, I invite the reader to visit their website.